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Chris Cote is an artist and photographer born and raised in New Jersey. As a formally trained illustrator he holds a BofA from the University of the Arts. He holds the title of Art Director for the comic book publishing company, Zenescope Entertainment.


In the early 2000’s, Chris found photography while in college, where he learned to shoot on a Minolta 35mm camera. He embraced the camera to help him develop a more cinematic illustration style. By 2008, he completed his portfolio and two years later, landed a job in the comic book industry.


Several years later, while in the middle of a creative block, Chris reignited his passion for photography. He began to capture the streets of Philadelphia at night. He fused together 1980’s pop culture, the cyberpunk genre, and the classic noir aesthetic to develop a neo-futuristic photo style. Now his work is consistently being featured and shared over various forms of social media.


In September of 2019, Chris held his first photography show, “NEO-NOIR: PHILADELPHIA” at Gallery 88. Chris has since expanded his portfolio to cities all over North America including New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Toronto.


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Updates 08.2020

• HD Prints available. Message for details.

• Acrylics from 'NEO-NOIR: PHILADELPHIA' now available. Click here for PDF. Message for details.


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